Single Portion Life

Capsule Hotels are a tradition of the new Japan. Since the 1970s they have met the needs of workers, professionals and businessmen, who need refreshment and rest before returning to work, in the great homeland of effectiveness.
Quiet beehives, scattered in the chaos of the metropolis, between a games room and a massage center, in the beating heart of Tokyo. Crossroads of solitudes and silences, like a long sigh in the superfluous hours of day and night.
No shoes. No tattoos. No women. Two towels, a pair of boxers, a dressing gown. The locker key and a bracelet. An identification number that is part of the name within the Capsule Hotel. The embarrassment of the foreigner, the indifference of the native. No need for interaction, no superfluous effort, only the time strictly necessary for a single portion of pre-packaged cuddles. Waiting for a new functional and solitary day.