Night Train


Is a long-term project born in 2010 and still in progress. It is a journey made of short moments, images, inside those intermediate spaces, a limbo between distant and opposite lives which find affinity only in the darkness of the premises and in the din of bulky sound systems.
Night Train tells the unvarnished reality without intellectual or sociological interpretations in the way of conceiving and living through the night, through clubs, music, sex and the relationship with excess. All on the same train without stops, in a perpetual flow of a constant mutation.
Night Train is a journey of freedom and perdition, from the bowels of Roman nights, in a temporal space of sin and redemption, where one can be oneself or hide oneself in a sincere fiction, in a reality made of intermittences.

I am suffering from Nictophilia, a strange and profound relationship with the night. For ten long years I have been a participant in a journey, becoming an integral part of that worldly and perverse fabric within the capital clubbing; in the people who have crossed it, in the stories that i’ve joined. For a decade I photographed the night, that of stroboscopic and long drinks, I met absurd characters and unpredictable personalities through a thousand pupils dilated by darkness and life.

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